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Simplify Managing your Clients & Customers

Stagebase's proprietary software Not only allows you to automate your operational process but also helps you manage client expectations with customer-facing portals, project plans, chat, and more. It provides clear transparency so your clients know precisely what you are doing for them.


Build & Automate Client Processes

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Client Portal


Retention Data & Insight

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The Perfect Marriage for your CSMs & Account Managers

The ideal combination of account and process management tools to keep your teams in the know and clients moving forward.

Chasing Fulfillment Updates Stressing You Out? Automate and Rest Easy!

Integrations are the secret ingredient that keeps your operations running smoothly. They ensure your account managers & CSMs stay informed with the latest updates from your fulfillment and internal teams. And let's be honest, who wouldn't appreciate a bit of automation to make room for more strategic and exciting tasks?

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What Our Clients Say

“Stagebase has tripled our ability to onboard customers simultaneously. The automation of customer communication paired with the easy insight into our process has allowed us to fine-tune our processes in a way we haven’t been able to previously.”

Anna Claire,

“Stagebase has greatly impacted the way that we communicate and manage stakeholders through the entire project lifecycle. We’ve seen increased satisfaction from our customers while shortening our onboarding time.”



“Stagebase helped us not only outline and create a repeatable onboarding process, but onboard new account managers as well.”


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