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Manage More Clients & Cut Onboarding Times in Half

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Design the perfect onboarding process and experience for your clients. Create internal and client-facing templates with tasks, checklists, resources, and training with our easy-to-use designer. Remove time-intensive communication work by automating; email communication, reminders, and updates for clients.


Using Stagebase gives you a collaborative workspace so that your teams and your clients are always on the same page. Client management teams have a map to monitor and guide clients through onboarding.
Clients have clear and visible access to know what they are responsible for, eliminating missed expectations and questions about what’s next, so you get the fastest time-to-value.

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What our customers are saying.

Stagebase has tripled our ability to onboard customers simultaneously. The automation of customer communication paired with the easy insight into our process has allowed us to fine-tune our processes in a way we haven’t been able to previously.

Senior Implementation Manager at FlowMSP

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Onboarding is the most critical part of the client lifecycle. With Stagebase you know precisely where you need to improve your process to provide the best client experience, gain efficiencies for your team, and achieve the shortest time to onboard clients.

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